Highways, Streets & Drainage

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Highways, Streets

The goal is increased mobility. SPI achieves that goal with limited impact to the traveling public, the environment and commercial interests. SPI, through its current staff alone, has literally hundreds of miles of roadway design under its collective belt that has led to improved mobility and safety. The range of SPI’s experience and capabilities is broad: from collector streets to major thoroughfares, from sidewalks to airport runways/taxiways, from rural highway maintenance work to urban boulevard reconstruction, from planning/studies to construction management. SPI is experienced with open-ditch drainage or storm sewers, asphalt or concrete, traditional design or low impact development (LID) design, in-house construction or public bid, reconstruction/expansion or new location. We have staff who are TxDOT pre-certified in route studies/schematic design, minor and major bridge layouts, minor and major roadway design, signage/pavement markings, and bicycle/pedestrian design. For projects with federal funding, we have staff who are certified by TxDOT for Local Government Project Procedures (LGPP). SPI is experienced and prepared to complete any highway, street, or transportation project that can be thrown our way.

Capabilities Include:

  •  Thoroughfare, Collector, and Local Street Design
  • Concrete and Asphalt Pavement Design
  • Rural and Urban Street Design
  • Sidewalks and Other Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities
  • General Aviation Design
  • Transportation Systems Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Route Studies and Schematic Design (Minor Roadways, Major Roadways, Complex Highways)
  • Minor and Major Bridge Layouts
  • Construction Administration
  • Low Impact Development (LID) Design
  • Projects with Federal Funding (LGPP-certified)
  • Collective Pavement Programs by Inter-local Agreement


SPI employs creative methodology to convey stormwater through, under, and around vital infrastructure while reducing risk to new and established development. SPI uses state-of-the-art hydrology and hydraulic modeling software to analyze stormwater runoff for the existing condition drainage and to develop infrastructure for a “proposed” drainage system. These analyses can include open and closed drainage systems and identification of problem areas, and solutions to these problems. Capabilities Include:

  • Hydrology/Hydraulics Studies
  • Storm Sewer Collection System Design
  • Storm Water Detention and Retention Design
  • Culvert and Bridge Design
  • Open Channel Conveyance System Design
  • Stormwater Pump Stations
  • Levee and Dam Design
  • Floodplain Analysis and Reclamation
  • FEMA CLOMR/LOMR Processing
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