City of Conroe: Dugan Paving & Drainage

Project Description

SPI was contracted by the City of Conroe to design drainage improvements and pavement rehabilitation for the Dugan subdivision. The subdivision contains narrow asphalt streets with open-ditch drainage, and had experienced frequent flooding during rain events. SPI was tasked with preparing drawings, specifications and a construction cost estimate to widen the streets to a standard width and improve the drainage such that flooding will be minimized. The project was particularly challenging because many of the streets have very narrow rights-of-way (some as little as 30 feet), and creating solutions in such a narrow right-of-way with obstructions (trees, porches, etc.) requires attention to numerous specific locations. The total project length was approximately 10,000 linear feet.This project was constructed directly by the owner.

Early in the project, SPI staff spent several hours at the site during a heavy rain in order to understand the current drainage patterns and system deficiencies. The visit proved very worthwhile, as drainage problems became clear and SPI was put in a position to commit careful focus to those problems. Based on this observation and limited survey, SPI designed new ditches, storm sewer and driveway culverts to flow properly to logical outfals with adequate capacity for the design rainfalls. During the design, the SPI project manager met with City of Conroe staff to ensure that SPI was addressing the issues and producing the product that the City expected. Specific project issues were discussed and the team worked well together to explore alternatives, hear recommendations and settle on solutions. SPI also participated in limited construction phase services.

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