City of Ennis: Oak Grove Wastewater Treatment Facility Evaluation & Phase 1 Construction

Project Description

SPI evaluated the existing treatment units within the 4MGD Oak Grove WWTP for physical condition, needed maintenance, inadequate treatment capacities, expected lifecycle of existing components, safety concerns, future expansion requirements, and overall compliance with TCEQ design criteria. The project included evaluation of a recycle system that could return up to 100% of the WWTP effluent to provide cooling water to a local power plant. 

The project resulted in a multi-phase capital improvements plan totaling over $16 million of upgrades over the next 20 years. The City of Ennis completed Phase 1 of the CIP which included new bar screen, a new primary clarifier, new sludge pumps, rehabilitation of a secondary clarifier, and miscellaneous sludge processing upgrades. Construction was completed at a cost of $1,559,925.

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