City of Gladewater: Boating Access Improvements

Project Description

This project was partially funded by a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) Boating Access grant brought to the City of Gladewater by SPI. The project included reconstruction of the existing west concrete boat ramp, extension of the existing east concrete boat ramp, temporary shoring for dewatering, replacing an existing harbor walkway/boat-access bridge, dredging sediment from the lake, adding a concrete sidewalk, replacing a water line, and electrical lighting for the new mooring station.

Dewatering of the east boat ramp proved to be challenging due to groundwater springs that supplied flow greater than the dewatering pumps could dismiss. As a result, plans were drawn up to construct the replacement ramp on landside and then slide the ramp into place beneath the water. Dowels and a connection toe-anchor were poured under water.

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