City of Sealy: Regional Drainage Master Plan and Impact Fee Study

Project Description

The City of Sealy selected SPI to develop a master drainage improvement program for the City of Sealy and its Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). The study evaluated each of the City’s watersheds under current, projected 10-year, and ultimate build-out development conditions, and provided recommendations for drainage improvement projects including channel improvements and regional detention facilities for each watershed. In addition, SPI calculated and developed maximum impact fees for the improvements in each watershed to be considered for adoption by City Council. SPI also completed and submitted an application for a flood prevention planning grant to the Texas Water Development Board on the City’s behalf for assistance with funding the study.

The project included developing HEC-HMS models and associated hydrologic parameters for the watersheds and subwatersheds; developing runoff curves for each watershed; developing a drainage channel network including proposed channel depth, width and right-of-way requirements; identifying potential locations and alternatives for regional detention; evaluating and providing recommended improvements to address restrictions on the existing drainage system; providing project cost estimates including costs for construction, right-of-way, engineering and utility adjustments; calculating drainage impact fees for the proposed projects and providing assistance with the adoption process in accordance with Local Government Code, Title 12, Chapter 395.

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