City of Terrell: Utility System Upgrades

Project Description

Forty-Five infrastructure improvements were targeted by the City of Terrell Engineering Department for upgrade. The projects were water and sewer system upgrades focused on the most deteriorated sections of the water distribution and wastewater collection systems throughout the City. The projects included approximately 23,600 LF of waterline, 11,500 LF of sewer line with services, fire hydrants, manholes, and all other appurtenances. Much of the line had to be bored or carefully excavated with attention to disruptions of public and private properties and surface repairs.

SPI targeted the oldest sections of water and wastewater infrastructure with very few records available. As such, easements, depths, pipe types, sizes, configurations, valving, etc were largely undefined. Planning and Design had to include field determinations and the ability to have multiple approaches at the ready, in case the ideal reconstruction plan was not possible.

These projects were literally in the front yards of residences and businesses throughout the City. Open communication with City personnel, emergency services, franchise utilities, school buses, trash pickup, etc. was critical.

Multiple crossings and work within TxDOT right-of-way were necessary, and all permitting and coordination was processed through our office. In addition, work within the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way and a bore under the railroad were permitted and processed for this project. Each individual segment of line included pressure testing, bacterial testing, compaction testing, mandrel, etc. as appropriate for the use and location of the piping.

These thirty projects were budgeted over a four-year fiscal cycle.  As such the projects were designed and bid in four phases.  The contracted award amounts were: Phase 1 $1.2 million, Phase 2 1.08 million, Phase 3 $1.12 million, and Phase 4 $1.13 million.

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